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The Crank Report, Issue #1 (29 March 2015)

In this weeks issue: But who’s issuing the newly created money? Bank Capital: Déjà vu September 2008 The Austrian True Money Supply Weekly – 19 years of inflationary policies The U.S. Stock Market – Catch me if you can When the Monetary Crank Gets His Will – Take-off for Eurozone Monetary Base and Money Supply U.S. Economy: Say No to Thrift!   Download the pdf version.

Natural Economic Growth and The Role of Savings

Natural economic growth, or a rise in living standards, which we might also refer to as sustainable economic growth, comes about as a result of production, saving and investment. Savings can only accumulate if less is consumed (spent) than is produced (earned). Real saving therefore cannot be generated through inflating the money supply as both assets and liabilities increase simultaneously when it does. Taking up a loan and depositing it in a savings account therefore does not qualify as real saving.  The higher savings are in relation to consumption, which…